Kinsale, the starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way, is a vibrant coastal town in Ireland known for its passionate community and its celebration of creativity, innovation, and culture through arts, food, and experiences. Nestled along the coast, Kinsale offers a wide range of tours and walks, including a picturesque yacht-filled harbour with 17th-century forts, and a thriving tourism scene. It’s proximity to the city makes it a desirable destination, and the town’s commitment to ensuring visitors have a wonderful experience encourages many to return and explore further to enjoy it selection of restaurants and bars.



Kinsale has long been associated with great restaurants, and we have curated a list that we feel our guests will enjoy. Bookings are essential for all our suggestions.



Tours & Walks

Being situated along the coast, Kinsale offers some breathtaking scenery which can be appreciated best by foot. The walks mentioned below are all leisurely and there isn’t anything too strenuous.




Walk the scilly Walk

(40 minutes to 1 hour) After leaving Perryville, cross the road and head left along the waterfront. Follow this path until you reach the Spaniard bar. Then, descend down the road and continue walking along Scilly by the water’s edge. At the end of this path, you have two options: turn right to reach Summercove (The Bulman Bar is a 5-minute walk, Charlesfort is a 10-minute walk) or turn left and take the high road back towards the town.

Charles fort to hang mans point

Walk along the left side of Charles Fort, cross the small bridge, and head towards the boat yard. Continue along the beach, then take a right at the beach’s end, where you’ll find a path on your left after about 50 meters. Follow this path to a cluster of houses, descend to a T-junction (right to the beach, left uphill). Walk uphill for 20-30 meters, find a small path on the right into the bushes, and follow it to a coastal trail. Keep right on the coastal path until you reach the mouth of Kinsale Harbour.

Dock Beach up to James Fort

Start by taking a left and walking along the water, continuing in this direction until you reach The Dock Bar, passing through the Trident hotel along the way. Keep following the path adjacent to the water, then cross the bridge and immediately turn left towards Castlepark. You’ll reach the Dock Bar and find easy access to the beach. As you enter the beach, head to the left corner and take a trail that leads up to James Fort. This part of the walk offers a picturesque view of Kinsale, and it forms a loop, so exit by The Dock Bar rather than returning via the beach.

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